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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Password?

Go Here and enter your email address and we'll send you instructions to change or reset your password.

Forgot Password?

Go Here and enter your email address and we'll send you password reset instructions.

How do I sign in?

To access your accounts online goto Sign In page:
Enter your ID Email.
Enter your Password and click "Sign In"

What do I need to sign up for Billify?

   •    Internet access
   •    One of the following recommended Internet browsers For Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista or Win 7
   ◦    Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher
   ◦    Firefox 3 and higher
   ◦    Chrome 3.0 and higher
   •    For Macintosh using OS 10.x
   ◦    Safari 3.0 and higher
   ◦    Firefox 3 and higher
   ◦    Chrome 3.0 and higher
   •    An e-mail address

For Invoice Payments you will also need:
   •    A PayPal Payments Pro account

Need to change my Billify information?

If you want to change your information you must Sign In. Visit the Configuration link from the Top Navigation Halo within the Administration Panel. In order to change most account information.

What is Billify?

Billify is a service offering Online Invoicing and Business Managment tools. Send your invoices online. Send to virtually anyone, anytime, anywhere in the United States with Billify. Making payments online is one of the most efficient and economical features of Online Invoicing. It saves you the time you would otherwise spend writing checks, paying at billing company websites and standing in line at the post office. In addition, you can elect to send reoccurring invoices to clients for periodical billing.

How can I send an invoice with Billify?

You can invoice almost any business or individual after Signing Up.

Can I set up automatic payments?

Yes, you can schedule invoices that you make on a regular basis for the same amount (such as a subscription, monthly service fee, rent, etc) to be made automatically using the recurring invoice feature of Billify.

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